Counselling is probably the most recognised talking therapy. There are actually a number of different ways counsellors work which means that, even if you have had counselling previously, this experience might be slightly different.

That being said this might be a good opportunity for me to tell you a little bit about the type of counselling therapy I offer.

The way I work looks at four key aspects which impact individual’s lives. These are:

  • Relationships with ourselves, others and the world around us.
  • Where our meaning or purpose is found.
  • Developing an understanding of ourselves as a whole being including not only our minds but our physical bodies as well. This can also incorporate spirituality in whatever form that might take for each of us personally.
  • Exploring our ability to make choices as an agentic beings.

This model is inclusive and therefore means it can be applied to all backgrounds, cultures, social contexts and faith groups. I work with the client as the focus of all work and have been trained in a way which looks at who and how you are today based on your experiences, sometimes from as far back as your early childhood, but also how you perceive the world around you and how that might impact you.

If you are curious or have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Counselling Tutoring

Are you a counselling student?

I remember my own journey through counselling training. It was an exciting and terrifying all at once, full of light bulb moments and times of utter confusion. I had amazing support from my lecturers, personal therapist, supervisor and agency manager throughout my training and I now have the privilege of teaching those wishing to step into this amazingly rewarding career.

One aspect of my training that I remember sometimes becoming lost over was the academic elements. Assignment writing, referencing, knowing which sources were best to study from, how to meet criteria etc. I sometimes felt I could have found it useful having someone to sit with me and help me with the academic aspects the training was asking of me.

Due to my own experiences, I have chosen to offer counselling tutoring as part of my services. By this I do not mean teach you content from scratch, you have excellent tutors and lecturers within your courses for that, nor to talk about your skills or placements, that is what supervisors and agency managers are for. Instead, what I want to offer is extra support for assignments. Reflective journals, process reports, essays and research are all key aspects within counselling training, and all require different writing styles which can seem confusing at times. I won’t do the assignments for you or tell you what to write, instead we will look at how you can get your own thoughts down on paper in the format being asked for, as well as ways for you to support your thoughts where appropriate with external sources.

This would be flexible in the sense that I would not expect a commitment to a set number of sessions or frequency of them. I’m happy to meet regularly or a one off, in person or remotely, for one or two hours depending on what you feel your need is.

If this is something which you feel you might benefit from, please feel free to contact me and we can talk further.

Verdant Haven Counselling