Welcome to 2018 Everyone.

It feels like life is slowly returning back to normal after the festive season. Routine seems to be falling into place, for me at any rate.

I spent time reflecting over 2017 during that limbo week between Christmas and New Year. I thought of my accomplishments, my mishaps, my relationships and, most proudly, my business. Setting up my own counselling practice was one of those dreams I’ve had for a number of years but I thought it was one of those airy, far off, possibilities that maybe, one day, would happen. However, thanks to the support of many, I was able to make that dream into a reality.

Verdant Haven isn’t just a job for me. Counselling isn’t just something I do because it needs done. I love what I do. I feel honoured to be able to share in so many different peoples lives. It is a privilege to have individuals come to me when they are feeling vulnerable or lost or hurting and decide they would like me to walk their journey with them.

So, as 2018 starts, it also brings some new opportunities for myself here at Verdant Haven Counselling. I will be expanding to working with secondary school aged young people, an age group which I have always been involved with in my personal life but have chosen to support in my professional work also.

I know that, for many, the start of a new year comes with a list of goals. It is often a time where individuals feel they have a chance at a new start. The most common of these goals is generally weight loss and physical health. For other’s it may be loss of a physical transformation they desire but a bettering or developing themselves, either through maintaining a better self-care routine or choosing to explore a different outlook on situations and life. There are just as many people who decide that there is no point in making resolutions or goal setting at the start of the year because they set you up to fail.

Whatever you’re view is on the start of a new year I want to encourage you to take a moment and assess your mental and emotional well being going into 2018. Whether you are a person who makes and keeps your goals, makes and fails to keep them or decides not to make any at all this is still a good time to take a moment and look at how you are doing. Perhaps last year was extremely difficult for you and coming into 2018 you are feeling a sense of dread at what this year will bring. It could be that you are choosing to ignore what has happened in the past year and are entering 2018 full of positivity and wanting to make the most of it. Maybe you are think that, actually, last year was brilliant and you hope this coming year will be too. It could be that you feel like you’re stuck in a rut or feel trapped in your situation and want to take a step forward this year. On the other hand you could feel like everything has happened very suddenly and you kind of free fell through last year and want a little more stability or purpose this coming year. I know there have been many losses and heart breaking situations in many individuals lives this past year and it could be that you are one of those people and unsure how to carry on without those people, places or situations in your life anymore, making this coming year seem quite daunting.

Wherever you feel you are at the moment, I’d like to encourage you. Check in with yourself. If you find that difficult, talk it through with a friend or family member who you trust. If you feel that you don’t want to share your thoughts and processing with those in your personal circle of friends and family think about coming to see a counsellor like myself. Counselling isn’t just for those with big issues, or have ‘real’ problems to work through. Counselling is a space where it is all about you, and, if you are willing to, it can be a place where you can air how you see yourself, others and/or the world around. It can be a place where you have the chance to explore why you think, feel and act the way you do. Where you can work through situations, worries, life changes, basically anything. We live in a world that is busy and full, counselling is a good place to be able to stop for a while and truly look at how you are doing.

If you are unsure if counselling is something you would like to try or even something that you need then feel free to contact me and we can meet for a free initial session to talk and see if it could be something you would like to explore further. There are no obligations or expectations for that initial meeting.


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My Qualifications

BA Hons Theology and Counselling (Level 6)
Enhanced DBS

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